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Tube and pipe equipment

Tube and pipe equipment

ARMATURY Group a.s.ARMATURY Group a.s.ARMATURY Group a.s.

What Can We Offer You?

Always keep a reliable and internationally recognized supplier of pipes, tubes and their equipment and accessories on your side. We supply top-quality products designed for the majority of industries.


Flanges are piping components that are used to join pipes and tubes together or to blank them. We offer weld-neck, loose, blank, threaded, plate and atypical flanges.


We supply tees, elbows, reducers, return bends, caps and atypical fittings in materials as required by you.


We supply certified forgings made of carbon, low-alloy, medium-alloy and high-alloy steels, such as nozzles and forged T-, L-, Y-fittings.


We are able to provide you with bolts, nuts, washers and additional fasteners made of steel, stainless steel, with different surface finishes, in accordance with ČSN, DIN, EN, ANSI, TR and other standards.


We are able to provide you with different types of gaskets and seals according to the requirements for the respective flanged joint, such as flat gaskets, spiral-wound gaskets, grooved gaskets, RTJ rings.


Pipe supports provide for rigid and, at the same time, flexible suspension and anchoring of pipeline routes. Sockets, clips, clamps, stands, or different supports are being commonly used.


We realize supplies of prefabricated piping sections, including the required surface treatment and documentation.


We perform precision welding, including machining on CNC machines and surface treatment according to customer requirements, we use modern welding technologies.
Tubes and PipesTubes and Pipes

Tubes and Pipes

We supply seamless, welded, heavy-walled, insulated and other pipes and tubes made of carbon steels, including steels for sub-zero temperatures, alloy steels, stainless steels and other special steels, such as P91, P92.
ARMATURY Group a.s.

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